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Introducing Windev

WinDev is not directly a programming language but an integrated development environment. It concentrates within the same architecture, a slew of applications that make software development easier and faster.


The programming language of WinDev is the W-language. It says fifth generation. It is published by the French company PC-SOFT, which has the immense advantage of being an entirely French language (an English version exists for the purists).

Develop 10 times faster :
Very data-oriented, the W-language is multiplatform (Windows, Linux, Mac, Mobile, Android, Web ...). This language is called owner (it is necessary to have a license to write code WinDev). No special knowledge is necessary apart from computer science (algorithms and databases in particular).

WINDEV allows by its total integration, its legendary facility, its advanced technology, to succeed faster large projects under Windows, Linux, .NET, Java and more! (compatible Web, Mobile, Android, iOS, ...)

Developer today is a sacred job. In WINDEV everything is included as standard and everything is integrated into the environment. WINDEV constantly evolves to integrate all the technological innovations that we need in our business: "developer".

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