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VoIP in enterprise

Voice over the internet protocol , shortened Voice over IP, is also known as VoIP. Voice over IP refers to the broadcast of voice over Internet networks, instead of traditional PSTN telephone networks. The Internet Protocol (IP) was originally designed for data network management and after its success, the protocol was adapted to voice management, transforming and transmitting information into an IP data packet. VoIP is now available on many smartphones, computers and tablets.


Voice over IP (VoIP) can facilitate tasks and provide services that would be difficult or expensive to implement using the traditional PSTN network:
o More than one phone call can be transmitted on the same high-speed phone line. In this way, voice over IP can make it easier to add phone lines to the business, without the need for additional phone lines..
o Features that are typically billed by telecom companies, such as call forwarding, caller ID or auto dialing, are simple with voice over IP technology.
o Unified communications are secured with VoIP technology because it allows integration with other services available on the Internet such as video chat, instant messaging, etc..

Le boom de la VoIP, bonne nouvelle pour les entreprises :
The takeoff of IP telephony is good news for companies that will see the quality of service improve sharply.

Since the creation of the telephone in the nineteenth century, telecommunications have not stopped to diversify and improve. It was this last point that allowed, at some point, to connect people to each other. Telecom network deployment is sometimes complex and difficult because of a natural, institutional, and use barrier.

IP telephony is poised to become the new standard for the telephone industry, especially due to the obsolescence of the Switched Telephone Network and the deployment of optical fiber. In a market with strong development potential, several VoIP operators appear each year. Receiving good news for companies, this usually results in quality communication: with its employees and with service providers, customers or prospects. Missing a phone call is the fear of many companies. The opportunity to improve the quality of telecom service, at lower cost, has never been stronger. VoIP technology makes it easy for even the smallest companies to subscribe to cheap phone offers.

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