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LocationRohero I, Q.INSS, Bujumbura, Burundi


Digital Culture

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Develop Digital Culture from the youngest age

The digital revolution impacts all sectors, trades and skills. Part of its success depends in part on the balanced and coherent development of our society, the economic future of our country, and its place in the global game.

Can we continue to ignore the weak digital culture of our brothers and sisters, as well as some of our fellow citizens, who are weakened? Will we stand by without dealing with the proven shortage of women and men with know-how in this area? This shortage affects not only companies in the sector, but also the entire economy, hindering its growth.

TraTIC Solutions works with the youngest to develop digital culture, to introduce them to the fundamentals of computer science and algorithmic reasoning.

Because understanding the principles of how digital tools work and being comfortable with their use makes it possible to take part in economic and social activities...