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LocationRohero I, Q.INSS, Bujumbura, Burundi


IT Maintenance

Equipements Reparation
Software Debugging

Troubleshoot and repair

IT maintenance is managed by our Engineers who have the mission to enhance the performance of your computer system. In addition, our team protects your work environment with our secure remote start tools in the context of computer maintenance, intervention and troubleshooting..

Our team is experienced with qualified and certified employees. Our requirement is recognized to ensure a professional quality of service. The level of expertise and the commitment of our skills guarantees a continuous action of factors of optimization and valuation of your equipment.

Hardware and software maintenance

  • 01 COmputers
  • 02 SmartPhones
  • 03 Printers
  • 04 Routers
  • 05 Switches
  • 06 Servers
  • 07 Flash Disks
  • 08 Hard Disks
  • 09 Projectors
  • 10 Debugging (crash or slow down)
  • 11 Recovering deleted data
  • 12 Viral disinfection
  • 13 Troubleshoot network and Internet issues