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Connected devices

Connected objects still have good days in front of them! T-shirts, watches, shoes, glasses .., high-tech objects, also called smart, invade our homes. Today an integral part of our daily life, their usefulness is inseparable for the practical, playful and technological side. Connected objects are electronic objects connected wirelessly, sharing information with a computer, tablet or smartphone ... and able to perceive, analyze and act according to the context and our environment. The Internet of Things players include: Intel, Schneider Electric, Google, IBM, STMicroelectronics...


Connected objects are used to define types of objects whose primary purpose is not to be computer peripherals or web access interfaces, but to which the addition of an Internet connection has made it possible to provide additional value in terms of functionality, information, interaction with the environment or use.We can thus consider that a printer is not a connected object (although it is in common sense ) to the extent that its primary purpose is to be a computing device.

How connected objects work :
Connected objects are connected to the Internet (we speak of the Internet of Things, or web 3.0): they can communicate with other systems to obtain or provide information. This is made possible by the strong miniaturization of electronic components, but also by the emergence of new M2M type telecommunication networks.

They may for example :
- Collect and store information according to their environment: heart rate of the user, hygrometry of a cellar, etc.
- Trigger action based on information collected on the web, such as watering a lawn on the eve of a drought.

To turn an everyday object into a connected object, simply connect it to the Internet and have it governed according to the available data: weather, stock market price, action of a user on a smartphone ... The real "intelligence" of the object is in the interface, not in the object itself. For example, a light bulb, if it is connected to an interface connected to the Internet (for example at the socket), can be controlled from a smartphone, and therefore becomes a "bulb" connected.

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