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LocationRohero I, Q.INSS, Bujumbura, Burundi

Computer fleet Management

GLPI is a software distributed under the GNU GPL license that will allow you to manage and monitor your IT assets. Already adopted by many organizations and companies around the world, this tool offers the possibility to manage the material, financial and administrative aspects of your fleet.


First of all, you will be able to make a complete inventory of computers and a host of devices on your entire network, via interfacing with OCS Inventory. You will also have features to ensure maintenance and monitoring of interventions including an integrated schedule.

In addition, GLPI has focused on financial and administrative management through the management of licenses, warranties and contracts. You will also be able to design a basic knowledge system, regularly used in Knowledge Management procedures, and manage a private or public FAQ.

The management of a computer fleet requires a specific tool like the GLPI software. The latter is able to administer several fleets to optimize maintenance.

Main Features :
- Inventory : This utility combines several web modules written in PHP to list the computers connected to a network. This also applies to hardware such as scanners and printers.
- Administration : The user accesses all machine and peripheral data. It can as well establish and assign licenses for each computer in the network. GLPI also integrates tools for the management of commercial and financial information.
- Follow up : GLPI gives the user the possibility to have full control over the programs and files running on the local server. This feature makes it easier to track the maintenance performed on each of the items.

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