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LocationRohero I, Q.INSS, Bujumbura, Burundi


Setting up networks

Equipements CISCO and Others
Cabling Copper and fiber

Supply at your office

The hardware is not chosen at random and requires some expertise: power, price, warranty ... There is enough to be lost. But do not worry, we're here for that! TraTIC Solutions buys for you and delivers to you every equipment that suits you.

Whether you need new PCs or other computer hardware for your business, TraTIC Solutions conducts an audit of your hardware needs and advises you personally in choosing the most suitable hardware. And our engineers train you to use them.

IT & Network equipments

  • 01 Computers
  • 02 Smart Phones (or IP Phones)
  • 03 Printers
  • 04 Routers
  • 05 Switches
  • 06 Firewalls
  • 07 Servers
  • 08 Flash Disks
  • 09 Hard Disks
  • 10 Projectors
  • 11 Cameras