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LocationRohero I, Q.INSS, Bujumbura, Burundi


Web Applications

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Professional Websites

TraTIC Solutions creates quality responsive websites that meet and are tailored to the needs of each client. After receiving the client's specifications, TraTIC Solutions is in charge of the Design, Implementation and Maintenance of the website in question.

With its team of qualified and experienced engineers, TraTIC Solutions provides you with your custom website in record time. The websites produced by TraTIC Solutions are based on new Web development technologies and offer unrivaled flexibility, adaptability and fluidity.

Development Fields

  • 01 Business Websites
  • 02 eCommerce Websites
  • 03 Advertising websites
  • 04 Websites for institutions
  • 05 Websites for Hotels, Hospitals, Universities
  • 06 Websites for Agencies
  • 07 Personal Websites
  • 08 Websites for music or videos streaming
  • 09 Political or religious Websites
  • 10 File Sharing Websites
  • 11 Blogs
  • 12 Forums